College Application Essay

Do you need a College Application Essay?

Few subjects cause as much worry for a senior student in high school as college admission essays. No matter if it’s as unusual as Chicago University’s “Do you like Wednesdays?”, Tuft University’s “Is there anyone with us?”, Pennsylvania University’s “Now that your 320-page autobiographical essay is complete, please submit page 200,” or if it is a more routine subject about an earlier life experience, or a contentious political or social subject, many college-goers get stressed at the idea of creating such an essay and being graded on it.     

So, we have been contemplating what college application essay tips we can offer to provide you with the best college application essay help possible. The director of counseling at the University School in San Francisco, who has previously held an associate directorship in charge of admissions at the University of Stanford, knows a thing or two about providing college application essay help, having seen it from both the college and high school side. The following are his top ten tips.    

Conciseness. While the suggested length of a standard College Application Essay is 250 words minimum, with no higher limit, all admission personnel have huge piles of college admission essays to examine on a daily basis, so they can only spend a few minutes on each one. Hence, if your custom essay is more than 700 words long, you are in danger of stretching their endurance, which probably isn’t a good idea.    

Honesty. Avoid over-embroidering your accomplishments. It is good enough to have been a newspaper editor or Secretary of the Golf Club, rather than Chairperson. We don’t all have to shine in every aspect of our lives. It will be easier if you do not try to over-state your achievements when you have to write an essay for college application.

Individualism. Think about how you can make yourself stand out from the countless other applicants, whether you know some of them or not, when writing a College Application Essay. This is in your best interest. If you have just left a college or high school, then you are quite young. It is your thoughts and personality that make you unique. While it may be hard to explain how you feel, that’s just the point, whether you write your own essay or buy it elsewhere, possibly online, at a price that is reasonably cheap.

Coherence. Clearly, you want to avoid prattling when writing your essay for college application, so address each topic individually. Try not to talk about everything and anything in your custom paper. While this may portray you as active and energetic, it may also give the impression of exaggeration and disorganized. Your College Application Essay should provide a picture of you, which is what your readers want to hear. So, play along.      

Accuracy. It is one of our college application essay tips that does not just mean using your computer’s spell checker, which you should do anyway. It means attending to the other aspects of effective writing in terms of grammar and punctuation. If, for instance, you are writing college application essays on Charles Dickens, do not say he wrote Pride and Prejudice. If your subject is Nietzsche, do not misspell his name.   

Vividness. Most effective essays are story-like. Often, you may be describing a key incident or being anecdotal. Offer detail so your audience can imagine the scene. Use names, even if you have to make them up, to add vividness to your story. This provides a human element. It also demonstrates that you are showing an appreciation of your reader when writing college application essays.     

Make yourself liked. The scholarly environment is a community one, which is how colleges like to portray it, where those attending need to get along together in classrooms and so on. So, do you think you are a person others would like to socialize with, eat with, talk to, etc? Consider how you can communicate this subtly to others.     

Use humor cautiously. It is difficult to know in advance how someone unknown to you will react towards you, particularly if you use humor. Every individual’s sense of humor is different so think before you say something you think is amusing.   

Don’t be afraid of controversy. Many students write blandly without taking a definite point of view. This doesn’t matter so much when the subject matter is of a religious, political or otherwise solemn nature, provided your thoughts are valid and impartial. You don’t have to have all the answers. Neither should you be over-opinionated on a topic that is sensitive in nature. Simply provide well-reasoned, rational opinions of your own viewpoint and from other angles if applicable. Remember that a college is a setting for exploring concepts and where diverse thinking is welcomed.      

Show you are bright. The college environment is one of intellect, which is almost kept obscure in the way students discuss their accommodation, leisure pursuits and other exploits. It helps if you demonstrate your intellectual energy. What interests you? This doesn’t necessarily mean publicizing your academic goals. It is why a particular subject interests you that is important.