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Essay writing is a progressive skill as students move through their schooling. The first essays written by high school students are of a basic 5-paragraph variety, and it is the goal of the high school level essays to introduce students to paragraph organization, sentence structure, grammar, and the different purposes. College level essay writing, however, builds upon these early skills and requires much longer works, more complex topics and purposes, and, often, research. In graduate programs, expectations are raised even higher, and the 5-paragraph essay from high school has turned into a major research project!

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Students who have not progressed successfully through all of these writing levels may find themselves at a loss when more complex university level essays are required. They are unsure about organizing thoughts and content; they dread introductions and conclusions; they worry that their writing will not stand up to the expectations of their instructors.

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It’s Time to Get Some Professional Essay Help exists to provide professional essay assistance to students at all essay levels. Whether you are a high schooler working on a 5-paragraph comparison/contrast essay or a graduate student preparing an argumentative research essay on a complex economic system, we have writers who can serve you well. When research is not required, the task becomes one of creating an informative and/or compelling piece that is written in exceptional prose and reflective of solid English skills. If research is required, then the essay levels naturally rise, for now you must develop a thesis and support it with a comprehensive literature review, along with superb writing style, solid organization, and, of course, accurate formatting.

At, order at all essay levels are accepted and assigned to a writer with the academic skills and degree(s) to complete the tasks successfully. We produce only original writing, specifically designed according to the student’s instructions, and we deliver this writing on time – no exceptions! 

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A flexible and affordable pricing policy allows students to place orders at all essay levels. And, as students remain with us for help with essays, they can see how the writing process evolves. They can study our custom written essays for their own learning and use them as models when they feel confident enough to create one of their own. Until then, however, the best decision is to get professional essay assistance from – assistance that results in submission-ready, fully original works.

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