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When we think about the term “essay types,” we are really referring to purpose. All essays have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion, but different types of essay writing means that there is a unique purpose for each type. This purpose determines how the content will be organized and, in some instances, research will be required.

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Most students begin their composition learning with the basic 5-paragraph essay, in which there is an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion. As writing assignments become more complex, the body of the essay expands. Purposes, however, remain the same, and they are named as follows:


  1. The explanatory essay, sometimes called and expository essay, is essentially what its name implies. Students must explain or carefully define something, and the purpose is generally to inform.
  2. The descriptive essay is also an informative one; although, in some instances, students are asked to use a great deal of figurative language so that the reader can get a “picture.”
  3. The comparison / contrast essay’s purpose is exactly as the name instructs.
  4. The persuasive essay is composed in order to posit an argument and influence the reader’s opinion.
  5. The narrative is an essay that tells a story.
  6. The admissions and/or scholarship essay has a purpose of presenting oneself in a stellar light before a decision-making committee.


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Students often struggle with these types of essay writing because they are uncertain as to how to organize their thoughts, are uncertain about the amount and type of research to use, when required, and, often, they worry about their competitive writing skills. has content area and English experts who create exceptional writing of all essay types for student in high school and college. As essay writing becomes more complex, moreover, our Master’s and Ph.D. level writers rise to the occasion. Any type of academic essay can be ordered at because we have writers who are personally assigned to them, based upon their degrees and writing experience.

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