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Aristotle’s Interpretation of Happiness in its Connection with Virtue essay

Aristotle in his book Nicomachean Ethics considers the notion of goodness as a basis for all phenomena in the world. According to Aristotle, every activity with its outcomes is aimed at good. All our actions are motivated and we do one action or another just for the sake of something else. ...

The Role of Setting and Character in Jack London’s “To Build a Fire” essay

Setting and characterization are two pivotal aspects of any literary work. Setting and characterization are instrumental in the development of the plot of any given literary work. The main objective of this essay is to illustrate the importance of these two aspects of literature with the help of ...

Written Landscapes essay

1. INTRODUCTION Representation of landscape in literature has always been one of the most prolific subjects in many world’s literatures. Whether the landscape has been conceptualized as mere scenery for the ‘more important’ action or situation in the author’s narrative, or ...

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