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Decision Making with Managerial Accounting essay

Net Present Value (NPV) is one of the decision-making criteria in Capital Budgeting.  The formula is NPV = - Initial Investment (I)+ Present Value of future Cash flows (PV).  From this relation, we get, PV = NPV + I.  This equation demonstrates when NPV is greater than zero, PV is ...

Leadership and Community essay

Q1: Do you believe that leaders and managers should be categorised as Zaleznik (1992) characterises them or do you prefer Raelin’s (2003) depiction of their differences as ‘much ado about nothing’? A1:   The problem of differentiation or dichotomy between leaders and managers ...

The Leader as Change Agent essay

Q1: If you were to be a consultant to all the principals in this case, how would you approach the engagement, using Block’s Flawless Consulting phases? A1: The problem of resistance to change appears to be one of the prominent issues involved in the leaderful role’s devolution. As ...

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