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A Critical Evaluation of Methods Used by Behavioral Geneticists essay

Recent advances in the field of molecular genetics have put back the notion of a (partial) genetic determination of human behavior. The behavioral genetics as an interdisciplinary sub-field dealing with the heritability of specific behavioral traits is especially relevant in such fields as crime ...

Congestive Heart Failure essay

Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a rather common problem for older people that progresses with age. According to Quaglietti et al. (2008), “Congestive heart failure is a chronic, debilitating illness, with increasing prevalence in the elderly.” It should be noted that CHF is one of the ...

Twin Studies in Behavioral Genetics essay

The twin studies design has been extensively used in the behavioral genetics research. The common assumptions on the twin studies research include the notion of the greater resemblance between monozygotic (identical) twins as opposed to fraternal (dizygotic) ones (Plomin & Daniels, 2011, ...

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