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Congestive heart failure (CHF) is a rather common problem for older people that progresses with age. According to Quaglietti et al. (2008), “Congestive heart failure is a chronic, debilitating illness, with increasing prevalence in the elderly.” It should be noted that CHF is one of the most common reasons of hospitalization for the patients of 65 years old and older. Therefore, Mr. P with his 76 years of age is a rather common patient of hospitals having cardiomyopathy and congestive heart failure.

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His condition is serious so his wife is worried and she suffers from the inability to get out of the house as she looks after Mr. P. There is another important fact – Mr. P is hospitalized frequently to treat CHF symptoms. In addition, he suffers from polypharmacy. It can be concluded that medical bills are enormous. The wife confirms that she is overwhelmed with the stack of medical bills. There is a possible solution for the situation – a treatment plan involving home treatment.

Home-based treatment can reduce the bills and provide Mrs. P with opportunities. It will be possible to hire a nurse to look after Mr. P when she would like to socialize with her friends, occasionally (Quaglietti et al., 2008; WebMD, 2013). Of course, hospital treatment and care are more reliable in terms of possible management of unexpected situations.

However, such services are expensive so in order to reduce frequent hospitalizations and extensive billing, it is necessary to teach both Mr. and Mrs. P to manage CHF at home (Quaglietti et al., 2008; WebMD, 2013). Their home or apartment should be equipped with the most necessary medical equipment. They need to be instructed regarding the mandatory and recommended steps of the treatment program (Quaglietti et al., 2008; WebMD, 2013). The treatment plan includes the following items: weighing on the daily basis, sticking to the appropriate diet, taking necessary medicine, having rest, avoiding smoking, limitations or elimination of alcohol from ration, exercising, and avoiding high and low temperatures (Quaglietti et al., 2008; WebMD, 2013).

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In addition to the plan, it is important to explain how to use it at home and what should be specially noted. The best possible solution in this case is to hire a specially trained nurse who would provide this family with examples of each unit and how they should be treated. In other words, a specialist should show the process of every unit management would it be diet or exercises. Such method should be used for 3-5 days so the family could get used to it and followed it without the outside assistance. Such approach would allow Mr. and Mrs. P master the process of home treatment and ask any questions in the environment they live – without extra stress and when everything is familiar around.

The teaching plan in this case would be as follows. First, medications should be taken according to the schedule and at the same time every day. It will discipline Mr. P and develop habit of taking medicine every day so he should not forget it after a while.

Second, weighing is utterly important since extra weight can cause severe consequences and indicates that diet is not being followed and there are no exercises though the day activities. The family should be aware that it is necessary to call the doctor if current weight excesses 2 pounds in a day.

Third, such patient must not smoke, drink alcohol, and eat unhealthy food. It is utterly important to train the organism within certain limitations and have the appropriate rest during the day. Physical exercises should provide Mr. P with the ability to strengthen his body and train his heart as much as it is possible in his condition.

Fourth, it is highly not recommended to get overheated or overcooled. Therefore, Mrs. P must follow the weather outside and control the climate inside the house. The appropriate clothes must be used to control the temperature regime of Mr. P’s body. Finally, family members must call the doctor immediately if something goes wrong.

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