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Late Adulthood essay

Many psychologists define human life period starting from 65 years as late adulthood. In order to characterize the concepts of stability and change as they pertain to this period, it is essential to pay attention to the socio-cultural, physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of the personality ...

Personality Disorders essay

Personality disorders are a portrayal of significant distress and disability. People with personality disorders tend to behave contrary to social expectations. In many cases though, such behavior is not intentional. Many scholars argue that personality disorders are more psychological than mental ...

Sexual Desire: Scholarly Journal and Popular Media Source Investigations essay

Loss of sexual desire more and more often becomes a common problem for many couples usually after 2 years of dating (Greenberg et al., 2011). Therefore, the issue of maintaining the sexual desire of the partners is quite timely. Two articles were chosen to investigate this problem carefully. The ...

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