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Personality disorders are a portrayal of significant distress and disability. People with personality disorders tend to behave contrary to social expectations. In many cases though, such behavior is not intentional. Many scholars argue that personality disorders are more psychological than mental in its nature. Traits exhibited by people with personal disorders, however, include cognition difficulties and interpersonal functioning.

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Behavioral patterns in personality disorders intertwine with a range of disturbances in various areas which pertain to personal and social disruption. Hence, people with personality disorders always have difficulties coping with social and psychological requirements. In many instances, the problem of  managing victims with social disorders is a serious problem, thus, in many places, people with personality disorders are subjected to having to stay in homes for the mentally challenged people. Over the years, segregation has triggered concerns with reference to the level of humanity portrayed in these acts. It is obvious that keeping people with mental disabilities in mental homes has only made their lives intolerable especially considering the fact that such people cannot live with their close relatives, yet, besides their behavior human aspects, are implicit in their inner feelings.

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In the current society, accommodation and placement of people with personal disorders have challenged many types of impedance. Many victims end up receiving poor hospitality and inadequate fulfillment in all dimensions, which relate to the social framework. Programs to support people with personal disorders (mainly mental impairment) lack sufficient development in the society. One major question which emanates is: should people with mental personal problems be given proper treatment just like other sick individuals in the society?

Many scholars investigate how victims with multiple personality disorders should be treated. Anne Desnoyers Hurley carried out a detailed study in which she concluded that personal disorder is a health problem, which can be treated effectively, and the victims can be back to their normal lives. Erotomania, a class of personal disorders, has been treated successfully within a span of three years (Hurley, 2012). Other studies indicate that similar problems can be addressed in a more effective manner especially if better and more organized programs come to the aid of many people who are helpless in many social set-ups.

Causation of personality disorders:

Mental disorders are mostly genetic. Parents with imperfections in the historical genetic background may have these genes replicated into their offspring via conception. The offspring may develop with these impairments to maturity. Some of these diseases are difficult to treat effectively or too expensive for the majority of the victims. As a remedy, tests before birth have been encouraged so that parents can rectify severe effects in their offspring at a earlier stage in life.

The second major causative of personality disorders are environmental moldings. Extreme mental disturbances may cause mental impairments if not effectively managed. Studies also indicate that poor family relationships can contribute to mental problems to a number of people depending on mental, emotional, and psychological orientation. Various studies have similarly contributed to the Food Control Acts in many places across the world, which reduce impacts to unsuspecting citizens.

Definitely, these causatives are less lethal as compared to hereditary causes since change of environment and a psychological mind play can be effectively enhanced in the reversal of such personality disorders. One of the environmental causative in the current environment is drug abuse. Certain drugs alter the normal working of the brain. Most of the personality disorders emanate from the malfunctioning of the brain. Therefore, excessive uptake of such drugs induces long-term mental effects which, as a result, become a personality of the brain.

Martens (2012) identifies certain biochemical components such as serotonin, monoamine oxidase, amongst others, as principle causatives of personal disorders. Any factor which leads to the development of these causatives, such as certain drugs induce mental impairment, may develop personal disorders. Additionally, body practices which contribute to secretions of hormones containing some of these chemicals lead to mental impairment.

Treatment of personality disorders:

As a rule, people with mental disorders do not seek treatment on their own. People surrounding them will ensure their treatment in order to reduce social perturbations. However, intermediate treatments may only maintain these people within manageable levels. The major reason behind this emanates from the fact that it is very difficult and expensive to respond by extensive psychiatrically induced treatment.


From practical situations illustrated above, it is very clear that very little can be done to prevent having victims of mental impairment in the society. However, humans can develop advanced methods of treatment and strategies which can assist such people in coping with social and psychological needs.

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