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I Want to Be Miss America Should I Change for It? essay

Julia Alvarez, the author of I Want to Be Miss America discussed a rather important issue of any society – assimilation of cultures, people who live within some cultural environment. She pointed out one important thing – people want to be like those whose “look” (style, ...

Shark Tank essay

Shark Tank is an American TV series that airs on ABC. There are many lessons that families can learn from the series. To begin with, Shark Tank provides a forum for determining the value of people. In real life, nobody appreciates the value of an individual or a group of people until they are ...

The Impact of Racism essay

The poem, “My Father Learns to Speak (Again),” is a stark depiction of the one of the most common effects of racism on individuals, particularly blacks in the white diaspora. The speaker in the poem addresses “you” directly and brings to the fore the effects of racial ...

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