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Shark Tank is an American TV series that airs on ABC. There are many lessons that families can learn from the series. To begin with, Shark Tank provides a forum for determining the value of people. In real life, nobody appreciates the value of an individual or a group of people until they are declared bankrupt. The episodes depict various people present their ideas to the sharks, and the sharks take the appropriate action. This message also implies that the ability to make money is not a preserve of a few individuals. Anybody can make money if they are smart enough. Some strike it big, while others fail.

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Shark Tank is also a good learning opportunity for children. The series can be used to teach mathematics  to kids . For example, when a prospective entrepreneur asks for a 10% share of a company and quotes the amount, kids can then calculate the worth of the entire company. Whenever there are such incidents, parents, teachers or guardians may pause the action to allow children to think and calculate the figures.

It is a well known fact that in reality, nothing ever seems as it is. The same principle was employed in the series. At the beginning of the show, Corcoran gets a loan of $1,000 and turns it into a real estate empire worth hundreds of millions. Someone would have been tempted to despise the little beginning.

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Shark Tank, unlike most reality TV   shows, is a true reflection of the real world . Even the most  successful people in the world began from a scratch. It is also a TV show that parents can watch without squirming in the presence of their children, as it provides a learning opportunity for the kids.

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