Lab Report Writing

The Evolving Complexities of Lab Report Writing

Producing a lab report in high school is no particularly difficult at first. Usually, there is a pre-written lab report format template with fields to fill in, and the research question is provided.  It then becomes the student’s task to complete the experimentation and to complete the template. Once a student enrolls in advanced-placement lab sciences or once a student enters college, the production of lab reports becomes far more complex, and the student must begin from scratch, following a format but taking on much greater responsibility for the topic, the research question, the hypothesis, the research and experimentation, and the results analysis. The writing itself becomes as important as the information or data, and for students who do not know how to write a lab report at this level will find themselves in need of assistance. The teacher may provide general instructions for the lab report format, but the student must produce the specifics that should be arranged in appropriate and formal English composition.

The Sections of Formal Lab Reports

The scientific method drives the production of a sound lab report. First, there must be an introduction that addresses the research question and the hypothesis; the next section involves a literature review of related research and experimentation; the third section includes the research design and the actual experimentation data; finally, the data results are analyzed and discussed, and conclusions are reached. Writing a report for a scientific research project is not a simple process!

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