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Students are often required to prepare article writing, usually in response to something they have read or studied. The assignment goes something like this: you will be read a piece of writing from another author and asked to prepare an analysis or a critique. The best articles are creative, introduced by attention-grabbing thesis sentences, and content that flows carefully and logically through the points to be made.

You may find such writing exercises to be nuisances and not related to your career goals. You can then contact our professional essay writing company and have them perfectly constructed for you. is a writing service that engages in freelance article writing for students of all levels of study. As such, we employ freelance essay writing professionals who have excellent command of English and who have specific degree areas of expertise. 

Article Critiques are Common Academic Assignments

The majority of students who contact us for freelance essay writing work are undergraduate and graduate students who must analyze someone else’s published work. An MBA student, for example, may be required to read a journal article on the future economic forecasts for a specific industry. It will be the student’s job to then pick the article apart, analyzing the information that is valid, as well as flaws in the author’s reasoning and arguments. Such assignments require critical thinking skills in order to apply what is already known, to evaluate, and to synthesize, and this takes time. When such time is not readily available, students turn to our freelance essay writers.

Articles are Only as Good as their Authors employs the very best article writers. When we have freelance writing opportunities available, we put out a call for resumes. Our hiring process is extremely rigorous and involves verifiable credentials and production of sample articles on topics we provide. Only individuals who can demonstrate solid critical skills, creativity, and exceptional use of the English language will secure freelance online writing jobs with us. When you place an order for article writing at, you can be assured that you are getting the best writer at an affordable price.

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When you place an order for an article on our site, we ask for the work to be analyzed and/or the topic of the article. We need to know the purpose, as well – are you to explain and inform, persuade, or propose solutions? Only then we can look at our huge pool of freelance article writers and select the one best suited for your order. This pro will get right to work, create an outstanding piece of writing, and deliver it back to you by your deadline.

In order for your writer to truly do his/her job, you must remain in contact. Your writer may need clarification; you may need to upload additional information. These things are critical to your ultimate satisfaction. Your final product will have been prepared exclusively for you and will be completely original.

You Have Additional Options

Our freelance essay writers have all contributed to a large database of articles that we maintain. If students want to create their own articles, they may need to see sample related writings in order to proceed. For a cheap price, students may access our database and select from among these articles. Please remember, however, that you may not submit these as your own.

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