Terms of Use

Submitting a Refund Application

  1. A refund application can be submitted within 14 days after the assignment deadline has expired. Plagiarism-related refund applications have no time restrictions. Nevertheless, a comprehensive plagiarism report confirming that the work is copied is required on the customer’s part.

*Turnitin as well as iThenticate and WriteCheck are regarded as reliable checking systems. Direct quotations formatted in the right manner, questions, table of contents, and references cannot be regarded as plagiarism. Such detection system as SafeAssign.com is unreliable. It highlights direct quotes/references as copied content. Reports/comments on plagiarism written by customers are invalid proof.

  1. As to continuation orders, the agency is not responsible for plagiarism found in the sections written by a customer. Only the parts produced by our experts are checked for originality.
  2. If a customer does not consider the delivered paper written properly, the case will be analyzed by our Refund agents. If clients’ claims are proved, a partial/full refund is to be issued. A response will be given within 3-4 business days.


  1. A free-of-charge revision can be requested within 2 days (48 hours) after order deadline expiration. After this timeframe, it is necessary to place a new order. No refunds can be issued if a writer is ready to make a free revision without any compensation.
  2. 20+ pages papers can be revised at no cost within 30 days after deadline has expired.
  3. If initial requirements have been altered by the customer, no free revision is possible. A client is to place an additional order if he/she attaches vital order material after the assignment is done or during the writing process.
  4. A new deadline and reasons for revision are to be provided to use a free revision service. It happens that a revision may take 24 hours if the guidelines are complicated or it is hard to reassign the task. Anyway, considerable effort will be made to provide a timely revision.
  5. Clients’ personal profiles/emails should be checked for messages from our representatives or writers. There are some cases when customers do not provide essential instructions when making an order. It is solely client’s duty to attach important files when filling in the order form (or on writer’s demand).
  6. An “Extended Revision” option can be chosen when ordering a paper. Only 30% of the order price will be charged for this option. Thus, a free revision period can be extended from 48 hours to 14 days. Note that a revision should be submitted according to initial guidelines. If no revision is asked, the "Extended Revision" fee is not compensated.

A Full Refund

  1. In case of being double charged or placing a duplicate order mistakenly, a full refund is granted. However, you should get in touch with our agents straight away to cancel your order
  2. A 100% refund is to be provided if no writer has been assigned.
  3. In case of getting a full refund, no papers provided by the company can be used by a client.

A Partial Refund

  1. In case of indicating the wrong page numbers when ordering a paper, a partial refund can be proposed. According to the word count requirements, a part of the price will be refunded.
  2. If an incorrect writing level is chosen, (University instead of High School), a refund fee can be reduced.
  3. A refund percentage will be reconsidered in case of submitting contradicting instructions/comments (e.g., sent files do not correspond to “Order Description”).
  4. Cancelling an order with the assigned writer:

Refund percentage

Passed deadline (approximately)


10-15% of the deadline


20-25% of the deadline


30-35% of the deadline


40-45% of the deadline





*If the writer is assigned and only 30% of the initial deadline remains, no order cancellation is possible. Furthermore, a customer’s order cannot be cancelled if an already completed paper is uploaded.

Late Verification

  1. Due to late verification of the order, (in case the messages from our Financial Department concerning order confirmation are not answered), the deadline for the assignment starts when we receive the required verification. A set deadline is to be extended or an additional order is to be placed to provide the writer with the respective compensation.

Word Count Issues

  1. Pages are to be counted in accordance with the accepted rule i.e. 300 words per page, not visually. In this case, it does not go about technical assignments which contain a lot of calculations. The price will be set according to the complexity of order guidelines.
  2. PowerPoint Presentations. When placing a ppt order, it is necessary to provide a payment for the speaker notes. Below every slide, the company provides 100-150 words of speaker notes.
  3. Each online test as well as “multiple choice” questions is calculated bearing in mind the number of questions (5 questions per 1 page). A 5-page order is to be placed if the assignment consists of 25 questions.


  1. Early delivery needs to be compensated. In this case, the charge for the order will be reconsidered and a user will be requested to place an additional order. No further refund is possible if the writer is ready to complete the order before the deadline without compensation.
  2. A partial refund can be provided if the deadline extension has not been confirmed by the customer and the work was delivered late. According to our pricing policy, the set payment will be reconsidered.

Order Type

  1. A correct type of order is to be selected when using our online services (for example, a “Term paper” was chosen instead of a “Lab report”). Without payment, a refund cannot be granted.
  2. When doing a “Rewriting” order, a writer will rephrase client’s text. If further research, new paper units, or other items are required, an additional order is to be placed.
  3. Everyone should check their emails/profiles for notifications from our agents. On-time responses to our messages on the client’s part are highly valued.